The chemical bund was lined with asphalt, however at the perimeter where the floor meets the bund wall there were gaps and penetrations which would allow chemicals to egress if a leak occurred within the chemical bund.


We proposed the application of a flexible coating system to seal repair the chemical bund lining.

Initially all surfaces to be coated were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding and in porous profiled areas mechanical wire brushing.

During preparation it became evident that an area of the sub base was hollow and poorly adhered. This was broken out using vibration damped breakers.

The previously broken out areas of the bund lining were made good using a concrete repair material applied using trowels. Once cured a polymer modified grout coat that would adhere to both the asphalt and concrete was applied, incorporating a cove detail at the floor/wall interface to isolate this potential point of movement from the coating.

Once cured Remmers Epoxy MT100 was used to prime the chemical bund lining repairs. This material was selected due to its excellent damp tolerant properties.

Finally two coats of Remmers Epoxy WHG were applied by brush and roller to a nominal thickness of 1000 microns. This chemical resistant epoxy remains flexible when cured, making it ideal for sealing areas in chemical bunds which could be subject to future movement.

Chemical Bund Lining Repairs 08