Bund & Sump Linings

Effective secondary containment is essential for the protection of the environment and minimising the risk to an organisation in terms of reputation and litigation. As part of effective secondary containment arrangements, a bund lining may be required to protect a bund from chemical attack in the event of a leaking tank or spill or to rectify cracking or defects in the bund structure.

Effective bund linings rely on effective surface preparation to ensure adhesion and a seamless finish of the new bund lining. We are able to offer the full spectrum of bund lining surface preparation from diamond grinding, water jetting through to abrasive blasting.

Many contractors often omit key stages of bund lining preparation such as the filling of pores and blow holes in the structure. Failure to fill blow holes in concrete will result in holes in your bund lining, resulting in leaks and degradation of the bund structure.

Once prepared we are able to select from the full spectrum of bund lining materials from a range of manufacturers to tailor a solution for your bund lining project. From glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester bund linings through to flexible polyurea bund linings, Corroless Eastern have the bund lining solution.

As part of our standard quality assurance used for all of our bund linings, the installed bund lining system is tested by the method of spark testing (if site conditions permit) to ensure the installed bund lining is free from pin holes. A single pinhole is a point of failure in which hazardous chemicals can attack the bund structure and leak to the environment.

To ensure the highest quality bund linings we have our own in-house paint inspector who ensures that all preparation standards and correct bund lining application procedures are adhered to.

Benefits of our bund & sump linings:

  • Visually appealing and high quality.
  • Hardwearing and durable.
  • Easily cleanable and chemically resistant.
  • Regularly lasts longer than 25 years.

We can supply the following – Epoxy Bund Linings, Polyurea Bund Linings, Chemical Resistant Bund Linings, Polyurethane Bund Linings, Reinforced Bund Linings, Flexible Bund Linings, Fuel Bund Linings.

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