High Pressure Jetting

Increasingly the environmental and health impacts of abrasive blasting and the associated dust created means that it is often preferable to avoid abrasive blasting where possible.

Here at Corroless Eastern, we have invested in dust free surface preparation through the purchase of a Hughes Ultrabar 24 Ultra-High-Pressure UHP Water Jetting unit. This diesel powered unit has the ability to tear through coatings and corrosion with nothing more than the power of water compressed to 40,000 PSI to give a clean, dust free surface suitable for coating application. Our Hughes Jetting Unit is lorry mounted for ease of maintenance and quick mobilisation allowing us to easily service your jetting requirements. An added advantage of preparation by ultra high-pressure water jetting is that any contamination or chlorides present on the substrate that would significantly reduce a coatings lifespan are removed as part of the preparation process.

Because surface preparation by ultra high-pressure water jetting is completely dust free, it can be used to remove hazardous lead-based paint without exposing operatives to hazardous dust. By comparison preparation by abrasive blasting would require costly and time-consuming decontamination set ups when removing lead-based paint. Furthermore when removing lead-based paint any abrasive that contacts the substrate must be disposed of as hazardous – resulting in a significantly greater cost and quantity of material going to landfill. By contrast when removing lead-based paint with ultra high-pressure water jetting, not only is it dust free surface preparation but all that has to be disposed of are the flakes of old coating that are removed.

All of our UHP water jetting operatives have been trained by the Water Jetting Association and our equipment is maintained and operated according to the Water Jetting Association code of practice.

Benefits of our High Pressure UHP Water Jetting:

  • Low volume water usage.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal effect on surroundings.
  • Can be used in hazardous locations and areas.
  • Cost effective and diverse in application.

We can offer the following; Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (aka UHP water jetting), Dust Free Surface Preparation, Hydrodemolition.