Anaerobic Digester Linings

Since 2014 we have been heavily involved in the Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas industry. Our already significant understanding of protecting tanks and structures in aggressive environments formed through 30 years of lining tanks and vessels in industry and waste water transferred easily across to this new market.

We have lined over 40 anaerobic digesters, from 0.25MW plants to large multi-digester sites. This often includes achieving gas tightness of the tank as part of our brief.

We are able to offer a choice of lining specifications to suit your biogas plant, offering epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea tank linings. We can tailor your tank lining or protective coating to suit your budget and service life, with warranted solutions of up to 20 years possible, which can be insurance backed if required.

An anaerobic digester presents an aggressive environment which has the potential to be extremely damaging to concrete and steel if not properly protected. To ensure our tank linings are completed to the highest standard we employ our own in-house ICORR accredited paint inspector. As part of our standard quality assurance, all tank linings are spark tested to ensure that they are free from defects.

As well as digester linings we have undertaken abrasion resistant coatings for feed hoppers using fast curing polyurea linings due to the extremely short operational down time.