Liquid Roofing

The damages and disruptions a leaking roof can cause to your business operation are massive, with the cost quickly exceeding the cost of maintenance or repair. Using a range of fluid applied, seamless and where necessary reinforced membranes we have a range of systems for any substrate with expected service lives of over 30 years possible. From leaking asbestos cement roofs to failed felt roofing we have the solution. Furthermore using the latest spray applied, rapid cure polyurea technologies in conjunction with insulation systems, we have developed techniques that can insulate and weatherproof your roof in all conditions – even sub-zero temperatures.

In contrast with conventional felt and single ply roofing systems, liquid applied roofing membranes offer a clear advantage – they are completely seamless. Additionally, roof details such as skylights, air handling units and internal guttering are easily encapsulated or brought in with the same liquid applied roofing systems, completely ‘tanking out’ your roof. With no welds or joints to fail, you can have confidence that your business will be protected from whatever nature throws at it.

Benefits of our liquid roofing services:

  • Resistant to sub-zero temperatures.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can be applied to roofs of any size, shape and material.
  • Quick application.
  • Flexible and robust.

We can supply the following: Reinforced liquid applied elastomeric roofing systems, Waterproofing asbestos cement roofs, Resolving leaking flat roofs, Insulated roofing systems, Spray applied roofing, Rapid cure roofing, Polyurea roofing, Insulation of asbestos roofs, Asbestos encapsulation, Resolving leaking internal gutters.