We are a vastly experienced tank lining company, undertaking all types of tank lining throughout the UK for over 25 years


Storage tanks may require a tank reline or new lining to protect against many factors, whether it is a chemical resistant tank lining or a hygienic water tank lining to guard against legionella Corroless Eastern have the solution.

We have been installing seamless epoxy, polyurethane and lately polyurea tank linings for over 25 years.

By working closely with key suppliers and using our experience we can select the correct tank lining specification for your project and budget requirements.

Bolted Tank Linings
Bolted Tank Linings
Steel Tank Linings
Steel Tank Linings
GRP Lining
Concrete Tank Lining
Concrete Tank Lining
Anaerobic Digester Lining
Water Tank Lining


Can be chemically resistant

Clean and hygenic

Can be resistant to high temperatures

Can bring an otherwise worn & rotten tank back to a serviceable condition

Hugely cheaper than a tank replacement

Much quicker return to service than removing and replacing

Tank Reline

When surveying a tank reline project it is important to carefully consider the history of the vessel for possible contamination, the parameters in which the tank lining will have to perform and how to undertake the works correctly. This is where our over 25 years’ experience in undertaking tank reline projects comes into play.  Our tank linings can be applied to steel tanks, concrete tanks and grp tanks, to resolve issues such as leaking tanks and poor water hygiene.

The key to any new tank lining or tank reline project is the correct surface preparation, of which we are able to offer the full spectrum of tank lining preparation techniques.  From mechanical preparation through to abrasive blasting and ultra high-pressure water jetting.

To ensure the highest quality tank linings we have our own in-house ICORR paint inspectors who ensures that all preparation standards and correct tank reline application procedures are adhered to.  Once installed all tank linings and tank reline projects are thoroughly tested to ensure a seamless, defect-free finish.  Our tank reline services are typically offered with a 10 year warranty, however depending on the type of tank reline being undertaken this can be extended in agreement with our tank lining suppliers.

Undertaking the Tank Reline or Tank Lining

By the nature of working within a tank the majority of our tank reline projects are within confined spaces.

To undertake all of our tank reline projects safely all of our operatives are confined space and CSCS trained.  Our site supervisors are typically trained to SMSTS level or SSTS as a minimum.

This is in addition to more specific training such as PASMA, first aid, COSHH etc.

Over 25 years experience in tank linings have given us a wealth of experience to undertake your tank reline project safely and efficiently.

We can supply the following; Epoxy Tank Linings, Polyurea Tank Linings, Drinking Water Tank Linings, Chemical Tank Linings, Polyurethane Tank Linings, Reinforced Tank Linings, Flexible Tank Linings, High Temperature Tank Linings.  With our wealth of experience, Corroless Eastern are the right tank lining contractor for your project.


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