Hygiene Coatings

In food production and clean room areas emulsion simply will not suffice. High humidity and/or frequent washing will quickly lead to coating degradation and support the growth of moulds and bacteria. Not only is this unsightly and off-putting to your clients, but it also represents a significant food safety risk. Reputations are easily damaged and hard to repair.

For these reasons, Corroless Eastern have been specifying and applying specifically designed hygiene coatings systems for over 20 years, with the option of bactericidal hygiene coatings as an added level of hygiene. From high gloss epoxy hygiene coatings to elastomeric ceiling white outs, we can offer your company a tailored hygiene coating solution that will outlast and outperform conventional decorating products.

Benefits of our Hygiene Coatings:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Tough and highly durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy application and matt finish.
  • Can be used anywhere.

We can supply the following: Flexible hygiene coatings, High gloss hygiene coatings, Bactericidal hygiene coatings, Mould resistant hygiene coatings, Carbonation coatings, Fungicidal hygiene coatings.