Keeping water from entering your buildings & structure is essential for its longevity and preventing degradation. From keeping dirty water out of reservoirs to sealing leaking tunnels, Corroless Eastern are able to specify and apply a range of Waterproofing specifications from the likes of Remmers, Sika, Tam etc.

From the latest spray applied polyurea waterproofing solutions to basement tanking mortars Corroless Eastern have the experience and expertise to fulfil your waterproofing contract. As an experienced waterproofing contractor, we understand the importance of adhering rigidly to the specifications given by our partner suppliers to ensure that the waterproofing solutions we install will provide a watertight and long lasting waterproofing solution.

Benefits of our waterproofing services:

  • Quick job turnaround throughout the nation.
  • Applicable to a huge range of products, from roofs to water tanks.
  • VOC compliant.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Experienced team with years worth of knowledge to get the job done efficiently.