FAQs – Lining tanks

What is the best type of lining method for a tank?

There is no one tank lining material which is superior. A tank lining should be tailored to your specific service requirements as the conditions which can vary significantly will impact the viability of each type of tank lining.

Can you repair holes in a tank?

Holes in tanks can be repaired as part of a tank lining using a variety of methods depending on the project requirements.

Can you reline fibreglass tanks?

Fibreglass tanks can be relined as long as a suitable lining system is specified.

Can you reline water tanks?

Water tanks can be relined using a variety of lining specifications. If the water is for drinking water it must be either WRAS approved or if for public supply Regulation 31 approved.

How long will the lining last?

A correctly applied tank lining can last in excess of 20 years depending on service, specification and usage.

Can you replace a butyl tank liner with a tank lining?

Tank linings offer numerous benefits over butyl tank liners, the most significant of which being that they are firmly bonded to the substrate.

Why do you need to line a tank?

Tanks may need to be lined for water hygiene quality, to protect the tank structure or to repair previous damage.