Cold Water Storage Tank

Tank Lining – Concrete Cold Water Storage Tank


The hotel was suffering from poor water quality, one of the reasons for which was the poor condition of the cold water storage tanks. The existing bitumen tank lining was not WRAS approved and required replacement with a more modern tank lining solution.


The existing bitumen tank lining was first removed by method of abrasive blasting which provided an excellent clean and evenly textured surface for the new lining to adhere to.
Upon exposure of the concrete substrate it was found to be very porous, with large numbers of blow holes present. To resolve this a cementitious fairing coat was applied throughout by method of slurry brush. This provides a fair faced finish for the new lining, free from blow holes which cannot be filled with coatings alone.
The tank was then heated to allow the fairing coat to dry out fully prior to the application of a two coat WRAS approved epoxy lining system. During application the thickness of the lining was tested using wet film combs and upon cure tested for pin holing using a DC holiday spark tester.

The tank lining was provided with a 10 year warranty offering the client peace of mind on their investment.