Norfolk Factory – Installation of a new floor

Resin Flooring – Norfolk Factory


The existing resin flooring was not sufficient for the demands of the food factory environment. A more durable resin floor that would be able to withstand frequent steam cleaning and fork lift movements was required.


We proposed the removal of all existing resin finishes prior to the application of a 9mm polyurethane screed from Sika.

Initially where possible all existing resin floor coatings were removed by method of vacuum controlled track blasting. Inaccessible areas were prepared using a combination of scarifiers and hand held diamond grinders.

There were large areas of defective concrete and previously poorly repaired areas of the floor. These required rectification prior to the application of the new resin flooring system. Defective areas were first isolated using a vacuum controlled floor saw prior to breaking out using vibration damped breakers. These areas were then repaired using Sikascreed Hard Top 80 applied using trowels.

The same material was used to install falls to drains in areas where the client was experiencing issues with ponding water.

Installing the resin

Once satisfied with the preparation and repair works Sikafloor Purcem 20 was installed to a thickness of 9mm using trowels. The resin rich nature of this polyurethane screed makes it very easy to install but also means that it can be applied direct to properly prepared concrete. Polyurethane screeds are amongst the most durable forms of resin flooring and at a thickness of 9mm can withstand the thermal shock created from steam cleaning.

Coving was installed where required using Sikafloor Purcem 29 to ensure a seamless resin floor suitable for a food production environment.

Finally expansion joints in the floor were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw prior to being sealed using Sikaflex Pro 3 polyurethane jointing compound.