Process Bund Resin Flooring in Norfolk


The resin flooring in the process bund had become so degraded that the concrete structure had significantly deteriorated and required complete replacement. Due to the elevated temperatures which the resin floor would be exposed to, the only viable solution was the application of a 9mm thick polyurethane screed.


As previously undertaken for our client the defective concrete slab was first broken out and replaced by our chosen civils contractor. This provided a solid foundation on which to apply the new resin flooring system.

All surfaces were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding and scarifying to ensure excellent adhesion of the new polyurethane screed.

Because polyurethane screeds are vapor permeable, they can be applied to concrete surfaces which are still hydrating provided that the substrate has sufficient strength. An important part of the preparation when laying polyurethane screeds is the cutting of anchor rebates, which serves to prevent the resin flooring from ‘toasting’ at the edges as it cures.

Sherwin Williams Resuthane RS69 was applied to a thickness of 9mm to the slab. This polyurethane screed is amongst the toughest forms of resin flooring available, offering the ability to be steam cleaned and also incorporating the necessary slip resistance the client required.

Expansion joints in the slab were reflected as per best resin flooring practice in order to minimise the chance of reflective cracking.

All vertical surface were rendered using Sherwin Williams Resuthane JT49 and the same material used to install a cove detail at the floor/wall interface to create a truly seamless finish.

Something that we always undertake buy many other flooring contractors omit to reduce cost and save time is to seal the coving and rendering using a polyurethane sealer. This offers improved chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and longevity. This was done using Sherwin Williams Resuthane T100 applied by brush and roller.

To complete the project the expansion joints were sealed using a polyurethane jointing compound and trip hazards marked in contrasting yellow.

The project transformed the area and will allow the client to significantly improve their hygiene regime

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