Plant Room Bund Lining and Waterproofing

plant room bund lining

THE PROBLEM – Plant Room Bund Lining and Waterproofing

The plant room was not bunded allowing leaking water to enter the office areas below.

THE SOLUTION – Plant Room Bund Lining and Waterproofing

Our proposed solution was the installation of a seamless, liquid applied bund lining solution. Initially the existing resin floor coatings were removed or cleaned using a vacuum controlled diamond grinder. The key to a successful bund lining is good surface preparation to ensure excellent adhesion.

Once prepared the first coat of a high build, elastomeric, self priming polyurethane bund lining resin was applied by brush and roller at a heavy coverage rate of 0.5Kg a square metre. The coating was brought to a height of one block high up the walls and around the tanks.

Once cured all pipe penetrations and blow holes were filled using a high modulus polyurethane jointing compound. When applying resin materials as bund linings it is essential to fill blow holes in concrete as these cannot be filled with resin alone in order to achieve a seamless bund lining.

Finally a second coat of high build, elastomeric polyurethane coating was applied at a coverage rate of 0.5Kg a square metre. When specifying bund lining resins it is always preferable to use elastomeric coatings as they are better able to accommodate dynamic movement that may occur without cracking and splitting.