Hot Water Tank | Lining with Corroless EPF


The hot water tank was in such a poor condition that the client was not confident of its continued operation in its current form.


We proposed the lining of the tank using Corroless EPF in order to allow the continued operation of the water tank.

The first stage of any water tank lining is preparation – which in this tanks case was extensive. Initially all laminate corrosion was mechanically removed using 110V breakers and chipping hammers.

Abrasive blasting the water tank

The steel was tested for soluble salts which were found to be very high so an additional wash was instigated prior to the preparation of the water tank by method of abrasive blasting.

Prior to the application of the water tank lining we rebuilt the tank by means of bonding galvanized steel plates in place using Chemco RH500 thixotropic epoxy adhesive.  This same epoxy putty was used to fill cavities and remove sharp edges.

Applying the new water tank lining

The new water tank lining was then applied in two coats of Contrasting colour using Corroless EPF. This proven water tank lining contains self-leafing glass flake which laminate within the coating to provide a more tortuous route for oxygen and moisture to reach the steel substrate, offering improved corrosion resistance.

Finally the new water tank lining was spark tested to check for pin holing and porosity. Where found these were marked with chalk prior to touching in by brush.

Hot Water Tank Lining