Braithwaite Tank Cold Water Storage Tank Reline


The large sectional Braithwaite Cold Water Storage Tank was suffering from both leaks and corrosion. The condition of the tank internals was not suitable for the storage of potable water as the corroded and degraded surfaces would support the growth of aquatic micro organisms.


Following the correction of the structural issues of the Braithwaite Tank that had resulted in the water egress the tank internals were prepared to SA2.5 by method of abrasive blasting. When relining a tank the better the standard of surface preparation the longer the tank lining will last. Abrasive blasting still represents the best form of surface preparation where possible/practicable.

Once prepared the first stage of the Braithwaite tank lining was the application of a stripe coat of Corroless EPF to all angles, edges, nuts and bolts to ensure full coating thickness on these points where paint pulls thin through gravity and surface tension.

You will note that in our photos a stripe coat is applied for each coat – not once as many less experienced contractors fail to understand. As we have been relining tanks for 25 years we are well versed in the correct methodology.

Applying a full coat of Coroless EPF to the Braithwaite Tank

A full coat of Corroless EPF in a contrasting colour was then applied using our own plural component spray equipment. This simplified the tank relining process as the mutli compartment make up of the tank significantly restricted access. By using plural component spray equipment breaks could be taken between lining each compartment ensuring our operatives were not put under undue pressure.

A second stripe and full coat of Corroless EPF was then applied in contrasting colours as per good tank lining practice.

Finally Corroless RF35 was applied throughout the tank. All three coats of this tank lining system contain self leafing glass flake which laminate within the coating to provide a more tortuous route for oxygen and moisture to reach the substrate offering excellent corrosion protection. This also gives the cured material a dense, tile like finish which will not support the growth of aquatic micro organisms.

This tank lining specification has been in use for over 30 years – not many other relining systems on the market have the case histories of the Corroless system.

Spark testing the Braithwaite Tank

Finally as per good tank relining practice we spark tested throughout the Braithwaite tank to check for pin holing. Where found these were touched in using the same tank lining materials.

Braithwaite Cold Water Storage Tank (9)