Wet Well Tank Lining

Wet Well Tank Lining

THE PROBLEM – Wet Well Tank Lining

The new wet well required a protective lining as per the South West Water specification. An additional challenge was presented due to the high water table water ingress was occurring.

THE SOLUTION – Wet Well Tank Lining

To resolve the water ingress that was occurring the tank was first waterproofed using Remmers Kiesol and Sulfatex grout. The waterproofing system was applied throughout the tank in three layers, with active areas of water ingress being resolved using Remmers Rapid Hardener. The added benefit of applying this grout system was that it sealed the blow holes and pores in the pre cast concrete rings prior to the tank lining application.

Once the waterproofing had fully hydrated as per the South West Water specification the wet well tank was first primed using Corroless EPF, in this case applied by brush and roller. This was followed by a further coat of Corrolesss EPF.

Finally a coat of Corroless RF35 glass flake reinforced epoxy finish was applied throughout the tank in the same manner as the previous two coats. This highly chemical resistant glass flake reinforced epoxy is designed to guard against the hydrogen sulphide and biogenic sulphuric acid that will be present when the tank is operational. The total tank lining thickness was in excess of 600 microns.

To ensure the tank lining was seamless and free from pin holes we spark tested throughout the tank as per our standard practice. The client was pleased with the safe and efficient manner in which we completed the works.