Waterproofing and Tank Lining

THE PROBLEM – Waterproofing and Tank Lining

Leaking from plant and entering hygiene critical areas below.

THE SOLUTION – Waterproofing and Tank Lining

We proposed the ‘tanking out’ of the entire plant with a seamless and flexible coatings system to contain any water leaking from the plant and machinery. The substrate was prepared using a vacuum controlled diamond grinder to remove surface contaminants and raise a profile prior to coating application. A bund was created using fair faced blocks bound with a resin rich epoxy mortar. This was followed by the installation of a spoon cove at the floor/wall intersection to isolate this known weak point. All penetrations into/through the slab were sealed with a high modulus polyurethane jointing compound.

The plant room was primed throughout using a low viscosity epoxy primer to ensure excellent adhesion to the existing epoxy coatings. Two coats of a flexible high build polyurethane coating were applied throughout the entire plant room to an overall system thickness of 1mm. This gave seamless , impermeable finish that will prevent future water ingress, resolving the issue for the client.


tanking waterproofing