Warehouse Resin Flooring Refurbishment

warehouse resin flooring


The warehouse floors and walls were looking tired and in need of a refresh.


We proposed the application of an extremely high build resin flooring  and the redecoration of the walls.

Initially the bare block wall was de-nibbed to remove mortar snots to achieve a high quality finish. This wall was primed using an acrylic primer prior to the application of two coats of Leyland Super Leytex as for all other walls. As a small no cost extra our foreman redecorated the radiators which especially pleased the client.

The floor was prepared by method of vacuum controlled track blasting to remove all of the existing coatings. This provided a clean and textured surface excellent for coating application.

Defective areas of floor were broken out and repaired using a high strength epoxy repair mortar. Areas of oil contamination from old plant and machinery were primed using an oil tolerant epoxy primer.

Sikafloor 264-Thixo was then applied in two coats at a coverage rate of 0.4Kg per square metre to give an extremely durable resin floor. Once cured the expansion joints were reinstated using Sikaflex Pro 3 polyurethane resin flooring jointing compound to ensure a truly seamless finish.

The client was extremely pleased with the completed resin flooring and decorating project and thanked our team for all of their hard work.