Warehouse Industrial Flooring Suffolk


The existing industrial flooring was looking tired and in areas had started to de-bond and lift.


As specified we applied a high build coating system from Sika.

Preparing the industrial floor

All surfaces to be coated were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding using our planetary diamond grinder. Any loose or unsound coatings were removed in their entirety.

Applying The Industrial Flooring

All surfaces to be coated were primed using Sikafloor 161 applied by squeegee and roller. This was followed by two further coats of Sikafloor 264. To provide a light slip resistance this including Sika Slip Resistant Additive in the walkways.

Installing the Demarcations

To aid with the efficient and safe operation of the warehouse extensive demarcations were required which were skillfully installed by our applicators.

Reflecting the expansion joints

As per best practice when installing industrial flooring all expansion joints were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw prior to sealing using Sikaflex Pro 3 polyurethane jointing compound.

Warehouse industrial flooring in Suffolk