Vessel Housing Protective Coatings


The existing protective coatings were flaking and peeling due to the lack of surface preparation and incorrect specification to the stainless steel vessel housing.


Due to the vessels location deep within the factory and the pipe connections it was not possible to encapsulate the vessel in the time available that would enable grit blasting to take place. Therefore we proposed a protective coating solution that was both dust free and would adhere to stainless steel.

Initially all existing coatings were removed using our ultra-high pressure water jetting unit. Using only 40,000 psi water all existing coatings were cleanly removed, creating minimal waste streams as well.

Water jetting does not raise a surface profile, meaning that a protective coating solution with extremely good adhesion to even difficult surfaces such as stainless steel was required.

We proposed the application of Rustoleum Noxyde as the protective coating system of choice. This material has excellent adhesion and is also surface tolerant, which is essential when protecting surfaces that have been prepared by water jetting.

The protective coating system was applied in two coats, with separate stripe coats at each stage of the coating sequence to ensure full film thickness on nuts, bolts, angles and edges where paint pulls thin through gravity and surface tension.

Through the use of water jetting and Rustoleum Noxyde we were able to make savings for the client compared to other options.

Protective Coatings 07