Trailer Water Tank Lining


The compartmentalized water and fuel trailer was suffering from significant corrosion in the water storage compartment and minor corrosion of the welds in the diesel storage section. The client had considered replacement, however this had proved cost prohibitive.


We proposed the application of our proven Corroless EPF glass flake reinforced epoxy tank lining as the most suitable refurbishment option for this water tank lining.

Cleaning the tank for relining using high pressure washing

Initially the diesel compartment was thoroughly cleaned using an emulsifying degreaser and high pressure washing to ensure that oily contaminants that would be detrimental to the adhesion of the new tank lining were removed.

Preparing the steel tank internals

When applying a tank lining the correct preparation is essential. In this instance the tank internals were prepared by method of abrasive blasting to SA2.5 as per ISO8501-1. The blast profile was tested using a surface profile needle gauge to ensure that the 75 micrometer profile required was achieved.

Once thoroughly cleaned a heavy stripe coat of Corroless EPF was applied to all angle and edges as per best tank lining practice as paint pulls thin in these areas through gravity and surface tension.

Two full coats were then applied to a dry film thickness of 400 micrometers, with a second stripe coat also.

The benefit of using Corroless EPF as the water tank lining material for a project such as this is that expensive dehumidification equipment was not required due to Corroless EPF’s rust stabilizing properties. This meant that the tank could be left overnight without concern of loss of the blast standard.

The other benefit is that because Corroless EPF contains self-leafing glass flake which laminate within the film of the tank lining, it offers outstanding corrosion protection even in immersed conditions such as this.  As part of our standard quality assurance the new water tank lining was tested for porosity using a DC holiday spark tester.

Trailer Water Tank Lining 07