Tank Relining – Condensate Tank Lining

Tank Relining – Condensate Tank Lining

THE PROBLEM -Tank Relining – Condensate Tank Lining

The condensate collection chambers were allowing water ingress which meant that additional over pumping costs were being incurred. Water ingress was particularly occurring around the pipe penetrations.

THE SOLUTION – Tank Relining – Condensate Tank Lining

We proposed the application of Remmers proven waterproofing system.

Initially the two chambers were pumped out and washed clean by a specialist third party tankering company.

Once clean Remmer Kiesol was applied mixed 1:1 with clean water by method of low pressure garden sprayer. This was followed by the application of Remmers Sulfatex grout by slurry brush.

Points of active water ingress were resolved using Remmers Rapid Hardener water stopping agent.

To deal with the troublesome interface between the concrete walls of the chambers and the pipes penetrating Remmers MB 2K was then applied throughout the tanks/chambers in two coats by method of slurry brush. Whilst being able to withstand 2.5 Bar of negative pressure, Remmers MB 2K will also adhere to plastics, resolving this often tricky detail.