Tank Lining – Gas Oil Tank Lining

Tank Lining -Gas Oil Tank

THE PROBLEM – Tank Lining – Gas Oil Tank Lining

The diesel tank was suffering from pitting in its structure as a result of corrosion. Following a survey of its internals it was decided that a tank lining would be required to both repair the damage present and prevent further corrosion.

THE SOLUTION – Tank Lining – Gas Oil Tank Lining

Following cleaning and the issue of a gas free certificate by Gastech Ltd we prepared the tank internals by method of abrasive blasting to achieve SA2.5. The blast profile was checked and recorded, followed by a thorough clean down and surface cleanliness test.
Once prepared the pitting in the tank base was filled using a ceramic epoxy putty which is stronger than steel itself. When cured the first stripe coat of Corroless EPF was applied to all angles and edges to ensure full film build. This was followed by a full coat and second coat in contrasting colour as per good coating practice.
Corroless EPF contains a mined pigment that converts corrosion present to inert magnetite this preventing further corrosion. The benefit this offered in this tank lining project is that following abrasive blasting the preparation standard did not have to be maintained by heating and dehumidification overnight or re preparation following the epoxy putty repairs as flash rusting is tolerated.
The final coat of this tank lining was the application of Corroless RF35 – a glass flake reinforced solvent free epoxy that is approved for use in bulk storage tanks. Like Corroless EPF it contains self-leafing glass flake, which laminate within the coating to provide increased corrosion protection.
The final stage of the tank lining process was the spark testing of the cured coating for pin holing and defects. Where found these were marked prior to touching in using the same material.