Slip-Resistant Resin Ramps and Flooring

slip resistant resin ramps


As part of the refurbishment works a new slip resistant flooring solution was required for the access ramps. The existing floor was extremely rough and levels needed correcting.


Initially the floors were prepared using a vacuum controlled surface scarifier to remove all remnants of the old tile adhesive to provide a surface suitable for the installation of a new resin floor.

The levels which required adjusting were primed using Sikafloor 161 moisture tolerant epoxy primer prior to the installation of an epoxy mortar to correct the falls of the ramp. Sikafloor Purcem-31 was then installed using pin rakes and trowels and a quartz aggregate sprayed into the wet resin to provide the required level of slip resistance. The fronts of the steps were rendered using Sika Purcem .

Finally the entire floor was over coated using Sikalfoor 390 – a flexible and UV stable polyurethane resin that would ensure that the newly installed resin floor remained aesthetically pleasing. We selected this resin flooring specifcation as it made good the rough uneven substrates as well as providing the slip resistance required with minimal time on site.

The client was extremely pleased with the completed resin floor and complemented our installation team on being the most professional contractors they had on site throughout the entire project.