Slip Resistant Resin Flooring Walkway


An NHS trust was experiencing noise problems as a result of the tamped concrete finish when patient trolleys were running over the surface of the walkway. A solution that reduced the profile of the walkway but also provided a slip resistant finish was required.


We proposed the application of high build slip resistant resin flooring system to resolve the issue.

As the walkway had to be closed for the works to take place, the resin flooring works had to take place and be complete over 1 weekend.

Initially to lessen the surface profile the concrete was prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding and vacuumed clean to ensure excellent adhesion of the new resin flooring.

An epoxy scratch coat was applied using Remmers Epoxy MT100 applied by trowel. This damp tolerant epoxy primer can be applied to substrates with up to 6% moisture content, making it ideal for this external application. A colour shot was included to help with opacity. This was fully blinded with 0.4mm – 0.8mm pigmented quartz to provide the slip resistant finish required.

Finally the floor was sealed using Remmers Epoxyflex PH with the incorporation of Remmers accelerator. This ensured that the new resin flooring was sufficiently cured to receive trolley and foot traffic on Monday morning.

Slip Resistant Resin Flooring 04