Slip-Resistant Factory Resin Flooring

slip resistant resin flooring


The existing resin floor had reached the end of its life and because of the mould release agent used in the area a serious slip hazard was presented by the build up of waxes. A slip resistant resin flooring solution was required with the particular challenge of gaining adhesion to the heavily contaminated substrate.


Initially the heaviest wax residues where removed from the existing resin floor using tungsten carbide scrapers. This was followed by the application of an emulsifying degreaser which was allowed to penetrate prior to cleaning using a steam cleaner fitted with a deck scrubber. As an environmentally responsible resin flooring company all waste wash water was contained using a pre constructed bund and removed to an IBC ready for appropriate disposal by our hazardous waste contractors Abbey Environmental Ltd (

Once dry the existing resin floor was removed using a combination of vacuum controlled diamond grinding and surface scabbling to allow our low viscosity oil tolerant primer to penetrate the concrete matrix and ensure optimum adhesion for the subsequent resin floor. At this point any defective areas of concrete were repaired using a high strength resin flooring repair mortar. Following priming as part of the pride we take and attention to detail we give to every floor, defects in the slab were filled using a twin component polyester filler to ensure an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional finish.

When satisfied with the priming and detailing of the floor an intermediate coat of high build solvent free epoxy floor coating was applied using squeegees and rollers. An angular 0.4mm – 0.8mm quartz aggregate was broadcasted into the wet epoxy resin to provide a slip resistant finish. Finally any loose or unbound aggregate was removed and a second coat of high build epoxy floor coating applied to provide a durable and hard wearing resin floor.

The existing walkway demarkations were reinstated using the same solvent free high build epoxy.