New workshop floor installation

Resin Flooring – Cambridge


Following the taking on of the new business unit as part or our clients expansion a durable resin flooring solution was required.


Our client had previously had Remmers resin flooring materials installed on their site, so wished to use the same resin flooring specification as used elsewhere.

The unit had previously had carpets installed, meaning that there was a layer of old adhesive covering the floor. This was removed and the concrete slab prepared using our vacuum controlled three phase grinder in order to create a suitable surface for the new resin floor to adhere to.

Priming the floor

Once prepared the floor was primed using Remmers Epoxy MT100 applied using squeegees and rollers. Following cure minor defects and blemishes were filled using a twin component polyester filler prior to sanding flush using an orbital sander.

Finishing the floor

Finally Remmers PUR Indu Color D60 was applied at a heavy coverage rate of 1Kg per square metre to form a durable and attractive resin floor.

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