Water Treatment floor installation in Lincolnshire

Resin Flooring – Water Treatment Floor Lincolnshire


The existing plywood floor had been badly eroded as a result of chemical attack from the caustic and corrosive agents used in the water treatment process. A seamless, chemical resistant resin flooring solution was required to protect the refurbished floor.


Due to the floors wooden construction a flexible resin flooring solution was required yet with good chemical resistance – properties which do not always align.

Cleaning the floor

Initially the floor was abraded and cleaned to ensure a good surface for our resin flooring system to adhere to. This was followed by the application of Remmers Epoxy MT100 epoxy primer, thinned 5% to promote penetration into the substrate.
To ensure a seamless finish to our resin floor the perimeter was sealed using a Remmers PU AW – a high quality polyurethane jointing compound.

All joints in the floor were reinforced with a self adhesive scrim tape to give the resin floor finish additional strength where movement might be expected.

This was followed by the application of a 2mm thick self-smoothing membrane of Remmers PUR Indu Color D40. This highly elastic polyurethane resin can accommodate any potential movement that may occur, thus ensuring a seamless surface that will not allow chemicals and moisture to penetrate the substrate.

Providing a slip resistance to the floor

To provide the slip resistance required a roller coat of Remmers PUR Indu Color D40 was applied by brush and roller which was subsequently blinded to saturation with quartz aggregate.

Finally the floor was sealed using Remmers Epoxy WHG – a flexible, crack bridging epoxy resin with outstanding chemical resistance.

The client was pleased with the completed project and the seamless resin floor will ensure that future disruptive maintenance is avoided.