Wash Down Area, New Flooring in Suffolk

Resin Flooring – Wash Down Area Suffolk


The concrete floor in the wash down area was suffering from severe erosion as a result of chemical attack, with exposed aggregates and steel reinforcing. A durable, slip resistant and chemical resistant resin flooring solution was required.


Initially the floor was cleaned by high pressure washing to remove any remaining chemical contaminants. The floor was then prepared using vacuum controlled scarifying equipment to remove loose and unbound aggregates and eroded concrete material.

Protecting the steels using Corroless EPF

This was followed by the cutting back of any areas where the steel reinforcing had become exposed, followed by the preparation of the steel. The steels were then protected using Corroless EPF rust stabilsing epoxy primer prior to infilling of these areas using a high strength epoxy mortar.

Once satisfied with the preparation works Sikafloor Purcem 20 polyurethane screed was installed to a thickness of 9mm by method of pin rake and trowels. This material offered the following benefits;

  • Can be applied to damp substrates, making it particularly suitable for this external installation.
  • Slip resistant
  • At 9mm thick can be subjected to steam cleaning

To ensure a seamless resin floor a cove detail was installed at the interface with the building and all expansion joints sealed using Sikaflex Pro 3 polyurethane jointing compound.

The client was extremely pleased with the transformation of the area and further works have since been undertaken.