Resin Flooring Safety Walkways Norfolk


Our clients resin flooring safety walkways required updating as a result of a safety audit. This included the provision of a slip resistant resin flooring finish in 50% of the factory which is frequently wet. The works all had to be completed over 1 weekend to minimise interruption to factory production.


Initially contaminated areas were cleaned using a rotary floor scrubber/drier to remove chemical contaminants – something that is often overlooked when applying resin flooring.

All surfaces were then prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding using our remote controlled HTC Duratic 8 grinder and vacuum. This fantastic piece of resin flooring preparation equipment gives the very best surface preparation to ensure fantastic adhesion of the new resin flooring.

Areas that could not be prepared using the large floor grinder were prepared using hand held vacuum controlled diamond grinders.

The moisture content was checked and recorded and the climatic conditions the same. When applying resin flooring these are two points that need to be carefully observed to ensure adhesion and performance of the resin flooring.

Due to the short duration over which the works had to take place a fast curing epoxy flooring system was required. Initially the primer coat of the resin flooring system was applied using Remmers Epoxy MT100 with added accelerator. To aid opacity a yellow colour shot was also incorporated into the primer coat.

In the areas where slip resistance was required a 0.7mm – 1.2mm quartz aggregate was broadcast into the wet primer. This would provide a high level of slip resistance due to the larger aggregate size. The larger the aggregate you use in a resin flooring system, the greater the level of slip resistance.  A pigmented quartz aggregate was used to improve the opacity of the resin flooring.

All area were then coated using Remmers Epoxyflex PH with the addition of Remmers accelerator. This shortens the cure period and reduces the return to service time for the resin floor. This allowed the application of two coats in the areas not requiring slip resistance to again aid opacity.

The new resin flooring was returned to service on Monday morning allowing business operations to continue uninterrupted.

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