The installation of the new machinery meant that an extremely heavy duty resin flooring solution was required.


As previously installed a 6mm polyurethane screed was the required resin flooring solution.

Initially the concrete was prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding to remove surface laitance and contamination in order to provide an excellent surface for the new resin flooring to adhere to.

Polyurethane screeds

One of the benefits of installing polyurethane screeds is that they are vapour permeable. This means as in this instance they can be applied to recently installed concrete, provided it has sufficient cohesive and compressive strength.

Anchor rebates were cut around the perimeters and across the slabs as is required for polyurethane screeds due to their ‘toasting’ action as they cure due to their cement content.

Sikafloor Purcem 20 was installed by trowel to a thickness of 6mm. This was followed by the reflection of expansion joints in the sub base using a vacuum controlled floor saw and the installation of polyurethane expansion jointing material.

Whilst hardly the largest resin flooring contract we have ever undertaken, as with all of our works it was completed in a safe manner and to a high standard.

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Resin Flooring Polyurethane Screed 4