Lincolnshire Workshop Resin Floor

Resin Flooring – Lincolnshire Workshop Floor


Following our completion of the adjacent area over 12 months ago our client had decided that they wanted to improve the aesthetics of the remaining floor with a hard wearing epoxy floor.


Initially the concrete slab was prepared by method of planetary diamond grinding to remove surface laitance and contaminants, thus ensuring excellent adhesion of the new resin floor.

Once prepared the entire floor was primed using a moisture and oil tolerant epoxy primer by squeegee and roller. Due to the large amount of damage and surface profile an area of the floor was treated with an epoxy resin scratch coat to level the surface. Less severely damaged areas were filled using a twin component epoxy filler.

The intermediate coat of high build epoxy resin was subsequently applied including an aggregate dressing using 0.4mm – 0.8mm kiln dried quartz to provide the level of slip resistance required.

Applying the final coat of high build epoxy resin

When cured excess aggregate was removed using soft brooms and vacuums prior to the application of the final coat of high build epoxy resin.

Finally demarcations were reinstated using the same high build epoxy resin and the expansion joints reflected in their original location. Unfortunately this meant a rather wonky joint being installed as per the original, but unlike many others we understand the importance of expansion joints being reflected as per original as failure to do so will lead to cracking in the new resin floor.