Kitchen Resin Flooring in Norfolk

Resin Flooring – Kitchen Flooring Norfolk


The existing vinyl flooring had split and degraded and was no longer suitable for a kitchen environment. We proposed the application of a hard wearing resin floor to resolve the issue.


We recommended the application of a 6mm thick polyurethane screed with coving as the resin floor most suitable for this project.

Due to the mixture of floors in the building, an area of wooden flooring was first removed and replaced with a fast curing concrete by others. Due to the tight time scale for this project we worked alongside the other contractors undertaking these works.

Once cured all surfaces were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding to remove surface contaminants and laitance. Anchor rebates were cut which is essential when installing this type of resin flooring as the material ‘toasts’ when curing.

Installing the polyurethane screed

The 6mm polyurethane screed was then installed by pin rake and trowel. To achieve a seamless resin floor suitable for a food environment, coving was installed to all perimeters and sealed using the same polyurethane resin.
Finally the expansion joints from the concrete sub floor were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw and sealed using a polyurethane jointing compound.