Hangar Refurbishment – New installation of a poured resin floor

Resin Flooring – Hangar Refurbisment


The hangar was being converted to a different use and required a full internal redecoration including a matt white, slip resistant and UV stable resin floor.


We started the works top down by first decorating the ceiling and walls. The structural wooden beams were first primed using an oil based primer to prevent the knots showing through. This was followed by the the application of Zinsser allcoat to all surfaces to be painted by method of airless spray. This material was selected as it will adhere even to difficult surfaces such as the foil backed insulation. This was followed by the application of a second coat of the same material in the same colour. During coating works some of the foil tapes de-bonded from the substrate which we also replaced.

Once the walls had been coated the floor was prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding to ensure excellent adhesion of the new resin floor. This also served to reduce some of the profile of the aged concrete which would provide an improved resin finish.

Once prepared two coats of Remmers BS3000 were applied in white by method of squeegee and roller. Remmers PUR Color Top 2KM was then applied. This seal coat also offers UV resistance which is particularly important when specifying a white resin floor as they will quickly yellow if not UV stable. Finally Remmers PUR Top M+ was applied to provide a matt finish to the resin floor and also incorporating polymer bead to provide the light slip resistance required.

As the photos show the transformation of the building was phenomenal, with the light levels vastly improved.