New floor for a Norwich food factory

Food Factory Floor Norwich


The chilled food factory required a hygienic and hard wearing resin flooring solution.


We proposed the application of a 6mm polyurethane screed – the staple resin flooring choice for the food industry.

In preparation for the new resin floor the concrete slab was prepared by method of vacuum controlled surface scarifying. The existing drain was broken out and replaced with a custom made stainless steel drain suitable for a food production environment.

Falls were installed in the section of the floor where frequent spills and leaks occurred to aid with cleaning and to prevent stagnation.

Installing the polyurethane screed

The polyurethane screed was then installed to a thickness of 6mm using pin rakes and trowels. Polyurethane screeds are amongst the toughest forms of resin flooring available due to being resin rich through their full thickness.

Polyurethane coving was installed to all perimeters and sealed using the same polyurethane resin to ensure a seamless finish.

Finally all expansion joints in the floor were reflected using a vacuum controlled floor saw and sealed using a high modulus polyurethane jointing compound.