Resin Flooring – Demarcations Kings Lynn

Resin Flooring – Demarcations Kings Lynn


Our client required the installation of intricate floor demarcations to denote the safe storage areas for pallets on site.



The extremely dense power floated slab presented a challenge and other contractors previous attempts to adhere to this surface had been unsuccessful.

Initially we prepared the areas to be coated using a vacuum controlled diamond grinder to clean the concrete but also open the surface to allow the resin flooring to penetrate and adhere. Due to the project consisting only of demarcations this had to be undertaken with great care so as not to mark the surrounding floor.

Once prepared a first coat of Remmers BS2000 water based epoxy primer was applied within the confines of masking. This material has an excellent track record of adhering to power floated concrete with even less preparation than used by ourselves in this instance. A second coat of Remmers BS3000 was applied following the cure of the first coat.

Whilst not the largest resin flooring project we have undertaken the accuracy of the preparation and installation was well executed and the client pleased with the works.