Our client required an aesthetically pleasing yet hard wearing resin floor for their car storage and workshop facility.


We proposed the application of an epoxy self-smoothing resin floor with the addition of an extremely scratch resistant seal coat.

Preparing the concrete slab using vacuum controlled shot blasting

Initially we had planned to prepared the concrete slab by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding. However upon conducting the preparation works the floor was found to be one of the hardest we had ever encountered. Not satisfied with the surface profile that we had been able to raise, we elected to switch to preparation by method of vacuum controlled shot blasting, which did indeed raise the necessary profile.

Priming the floor

The floor was double primed using Remmers Epoxy MT100 to form a liquid DPM. The second coat incorporating a grey pigment to ensure correct and uniform coverage. As well as forming a damp proof membrane, double priming also helps to ensure a pin hole free finish when applying this type of resin flooring.

Once satisfied with the priming works Remmers OS Color Epoxy self-smoother was applied to a thickness of 2mm.

Remmers PUR Top M+ was applied to give the matt finish and scratch resistance that our client desired. This material also contains rounded polymer bead to offer a light degree of slip resistance, whilst also maintaining ease of cleaning.

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