Refinishing A Concrete Floor At A Norfolk Warehouse


Following the refit works during which new drainage had been installed the power floated concrete floor was looking unloved and in need of refinishing.


The contractor requested a cost effective, yet durable and aesthetically pleasing solution as they were undertaking the works at their expense to secure future business.

We proposed the application of a high build epoxy coating from Remmers to fulfill these requirements.

Preparing the concrete for the new flooring

Initially all surfaces to be coated were prepared by method of vacuum controlled track blasting to remove contaminants and ensure excellent adhesion to the dense concrete slab.

Edgework and profiled areas were prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding.

Applying the Industrial Flooring

Remmers Epoxy HB Color was applied in two coats by method of squeegee and roller.

To ensure the best finish possible minor defects were filled between coats and the entire floor sanded.

The client required that the new industrial floor had a similar slip resistance to the original power floated concrete. To match this a rounded polymer bead was incorporated in the second coat.

The client was impressed with the result and commended our team on their professionalism which is a credit to our team.  Whatever your industrial flooring requirements Corroless Eastern have the solution.

Industrial Flooring Norfolk Warehouse