Rapid Cure Polyurea Bund Lining

rapid cure polyurea


The fuel storage bunds no longer conformed to the 2001 control of pollution regulations and required lining to fully seal against the egress of fuel in the case of a spillage. Due to a large amount of cracking and movement in the substrate the lining required had to be flexible as well as resistant to the fuels stored within the tanks.


Following the raking out of all organic growth from cracks and joints, the bunds or sumps were thoroughly degreased and contamination removed with a high pressure spinning jet. The contaminated waste water was contained and removed for correct disposal. The entire bund was primed throughout with Advanced Polymerics Cemprime Revolution moisture tolerant and rapid cure epoxy primer. A quartz aggregate was broadcast into the uncured primer to provide an excellent mechanical key for the subsequent coating application. The bund was then lined throughout with Advanced Polymerics Cemspray 113 rapid cure Polyurea memebrane. Because Polyurea coatings have a very rapid cure (5 –30 seconds) and are spray applied, the applicator has a great amount of control over coating thickness, allowing more material to be applied at known weak points such as joints and cracks. Polyurea bund linings can be built up to thicknesses unachievable with conventional coatings and create a seamless liquid applied membrane. Furthermore Polyurea coatings remain fully flexible when cured, elongating up to 400% and excellent crack bridging properties. This allows substrate movement without failure of the lining, with expected service lives of up to 25 years.