The rainwater harvest tank required a suitable tank lining that could crack bridge to 0.4mm as required in the design.


We proposed the application of Remmers MB2K as the most suitable tank lining material. This polymer modified coating can crack bridge to widths of 2mm making it particularly suitable for application to concrete substrates.

Preparing the concrete

All surfaces to be coated were first prepared by method of vacuum controlled diamond grinding to ensure excellent adhesion of the new tank lining.

Priming the new concrete

Remmers Kiesol was then applied to all surfaces diluted 1:1 with clean water to aid penetration. This penetrates the substrate and serves to densify the concrete.

Applying the tank lining

Remmers MB2K was then applied in three coats to achieve a tank lining thickness of 3mm. All corners and points of potential points of movement were reinforced with Remmers SK Bandage for additional strength and ability to withstand cracking.

Rain Water Tank Lining