Protective Coatings – Water Coating

Protective Coatings – Water Feature Coating


The existing water feature protective coating had blistered as a result of incorrect coating specification for an immersion environment.


Due to the previous coatings failure and poor adhesion it was necessary to remove it in its entirety from the GRP. To do this we elected to use low dust sponge blasting from Sponge Jet, although not because of the dust suppression properties. Because of the range of media available and level of control offered from the units it was possible to remove the failing coating without damaging the GRP itself.

Once prepared as recommended by Chemco International LTD we applied an initial coat of Chemco RA500M. This was followed by the filling of pin holes in the structure using Chemco RH500 ceramic epoxy putty prior to two coats of Chemco RC500 GTC.

Unlike the previous protective coatings system, this specification is suitable for use in an immersion environment whilst also offering good chemical resistance and colour fastness when exposed to ultra violet light.

Whilst not our normal line of work this interesting project proved rewarding and was well executed by our site applicators.