Protective Coatings – Cladding Refurbishment

Protective Coatings – Cladding Refurbishment


The existing cladding coating had reached the end of its life and was now aesthetically unpleasing. In addition to this corrosion was beginning to occur.


The previous coating had been incorrectly specified and had extremely poor adhesion. Therefore it was necessary for it to be removed in its entirety. To do so we employed or own 5,000 psi water jetting unit using a spinning jet attachment.

When applying protective coatings correct surface preparation is essential as any coating is only as good as the surface that it is being applied to.

Once prepared Rustoleum Noxyde was applied in two coats by method of airless spray. This excellent elastomeric anti corrosion coating offers excellent adhesion to even the most difficult of substrates – even glass.

To ensure that no over spray damaged the surrounding building we undertook extensive masking.

To suit the client all works were undertaken over three consecutive weekends.