Process Tank Reline

Process Tank Reline


The process tank was found to suffering from heavy pitting and loss of steel thickness in a concentrated band in the tanks shell.


To extend the service life of the tank and allow continued operation we were requested to apply a suitable specification to the most severely corroded and pitted section of the tank.

Preparing the tank for relining

The area of the tank to be coated was first prepared by method of abrasive blasting to clean the steel and raise a surface profile. This is not always necessary as surface tolerant tank lining materials can be used, however due to this tanks high operating temperature a high standard of surface preparation was required.

Following blasting all areas to be coated were vacuumed clean to ensure all dust was removed and ensure excellent adhesion of the new tank lining.

The material we specified was a glass flake reinforced vinyl ester from Chemco International at a thickness of 1000 microns.

This material was applied in three coats to ensure uniform and consistent thickness. Each coat was a contrasting colour to the previous as per good tank relining practice.

Spark testing the tank lining

Due to the tight time scale for the tank lining works we had to spark test the lining following the second coat and before the application of the third.

The client was pleased with the works and the tank will remain operational for the foreseeable future thanks to our tank lining service.