Pre Cast Tank Joint Protection


The tank was being changed in its use, from a sludge holding tank to a water treatment tank. As part of this change of use the EPDM gaskets required protection from the high levels of Ozone which would be present in the water. The treated water was being used as part of a fish farm.


A flexible yet chemical resistant sealing solution was required due to the sectional nature of the post tensioned nature of the tank.

Initially all surfaces were prepared by method of high pressure water jetting to remove contamination and prepare the concrete surface.

To prevent contaminants entering the tank we sealed the roof joints using Sikaflex Pro 3 polyurethane jointing compound.

Internally all joints were treated using BASF 930/933 flexible waterproofing bandage system. This material is approved for use in water in the public supply. This made the material ideal for this application as the material could not present any risk to the fish themselves.

This material is highly flexible, meaning that any potential movement in the joints will be accommodated without splitting, which would allow the ozone rich water to attack the gasket beneath.

Waterproofing Bandage 04