Potable Water Tank Lining Repairs

potable water tank lining repair. The drinking water tank was suffering from localised corrosion

THE PROBLEM – Potable Water Tank Lining Repairs

The drinking water tank was suffering from localised corrosion which required repair to return to service.

THE SOLUTION – Potable Water Tank Lining Repairs

As an experienced tank lining company we understand that it is not always cost effective or within budget constraints to reline an entire tank. Therefore where safe and possible to do so we are able to offer cost effective localised tank repairs to extend the service life of your existing tank lining.

Initially the existing tank lining was prepared using a high pressure spinning jet (3000 psi) to expose any weaknesses in existing tank lining. Where coating failure was found the exposed steel was prepared to Swedish Standard ST2 using tungsten carbide scrapers and wire brushes. The areas surrounding these defects in the tank lining were abraded to raise a profile in readiness to accept the tank repairs.

Once satisfied with the preparation of the existing tank lining all corroded areas and exposed steel was primed with Corroless EPF rust stabilising epoxy primer. Corroless EPF contains a mined pigment that converts corrosion present to inert magnetite, thus preventing further corrosion. Corroless EPF also contains self leafing glass flake that laminate within the coating to form an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture.

Following the cure of the primer the tank lining repairs were completed by the application of Corroless RF35 – a glass flake reinforced epoxy which is approved for contact with potable water.

The tank repairs completed enable the tank to be returned to service safe in the knowledge that it was fit for the storage of potable water.