Roof Coating Waterproof Reservoir | Polyurea

waterproofing reservoir roof


The reservoir roof was allowing contaminated water to enter the drinking water tank below.


The client requested the application of Linex Aquaurethane Extreme to form a seamless polyurea waterproofing membrane that would prevent future water ingress.

Following the clearing of the organic matter and aggregates from the roof, the concrete was prepared by method of abrasive blasting to remove surface contaminants and laitance. Once prepared  a fairing coat of Sika Monotop 107 was applied by slurry brushes and trowels to fill blow holes and irregularities in the concrete.

When cured this was quickly ground using a vacuum controlled diamond grinder to remove and laitance present prior to double priming using Sikagard 62. In the second coat a quartz aggregate was incorporated to provide an excellent mechanical anchor for the subsequent polyurea coating.

Linex Aquaurethane extreme is the first regualtion 31 approved polyurea coating. The material was applied to a thickness of 3mm with additional thickness over cracks and weak points. The polyurea coating was tucked into the a previously cut chase at the termination point of the polyurea coating one metre down the wall.

Once the polyurea coating was installed it was tested for pin holing using a DC holiday spark tester. Where pin holes were found they were rectified using the same material. FInally the previously cut chase was filled using Sikaflex Pro3 regulation 31 approved polyurethane jointing compound.

A particular challenge during this project was the sites remote location – on the side of a hill. A local farmer was employed to help move plant and equipment to the site. Special thanks must go to AW Blake for all of their help.