Waterproofing A Swimming Pool With Polyurea


The swimming pool surround was no longer waterproof had been allowing water ingress into the basement area. This had resulted in corrosion of the steel reinforcements which was compromising the structural integrity of the pool.


We recommended the application of a seamless polyurea waterproofing membrane from SPI with a slip resistant finish to provide a long term waterproofing solution.

Initially the tiles were thoroughly cleaned using floor scrubbers and a cleaning agent specifically designed for the removal of body fats in pool areas. Some areas were cleaned 10 times to achieve the standard that we deemed acceptable in order to ensure excellent adhesion of our polyurea waterproofing system.

Because of the profile of the tiles it was not possible to raise a surface profile for our coatings to adhere to. Therefore we elected to prime the tiles using Remmers FAS100, an epoxy primer specifically designed for problematic substrates such as glazed tiles. Prior to priming the floor we conducted pull of adhesion tests on a trial area and found adhesion in excess of 12MPA.

Spraying The Polyurea Coating

SPI Corrolastic HT pure polyurea was then spray applied to a thickness of 2mm. This material is extremely tough as well as being able to elongate in excess of 300%. The spray application of the materials allowed gulleys and up stands to be seamlessly brought in ensuring an continuous waterproofing membrane.  Because the material contains SPI’s Ultra Bond Technology we did not have to concern ourselves with concerns about exceeding the overcoat window of the prime allowing time to properly detail penetrations with a polyurethane jointing compound.

Applying The Polyurethane Elastomer

Finally two coats of a chemical resistant polyurethane elastomer were applied incorporating an aggregate dressing to achieve the desired level of slip resistance. This allowed the installation of demarcations as required.

The client was extremely pleased with the quality of the works which were completed on time in a tight two week programme.

Polyurea Waterproofing 16