Polyurea Application Leaking Drain Lining

polyurea leaking drain lining


The existing leaking drains required a seamless lining to prevent egress into the local environment.


The leaking drains were constructed of HDPE – a notoriously difficult substrate to adhere to. Also the chemicals that enter the drains are highly aggressive including strong acids and alkalis. Our proposed solution to resolve the leaking drains was the seamless application of Specialty Products Incorporated PTU – a highly chemical resistant spray applied Polythiourea.

Initially the drains were cleaned throughout using a high pressure spinning jet to remove chemical contaminants. Once clean the drains were abraded throughout to raise a profile that would promote coating adhesion. Once prepared the HDPE drains  were treated using a revolutionary surface treatment from Oxford Advanced Surfaces. This system uses cutting edge carbene technology to transform HDPE from a low energy surface to a high energy surface that would accept coatings materials.

Priming the drains using an epoxy primer

The drains were then primed throughout using a low viscosity epoxy primer to ensure excellent adhesion of our seamless lining. Cracks and imperfections were filled using a high modulus polyurethane jointing compound.

Finally after much masking and only when satisfied with the preparation works did we commence the application of SPI PTU. Cracks and joints in the leaking drains received a heavy stripe coat prior to a seamless application throughout.

The top edge of the lining was detailed using a polyurethane jointing compound to prevent the ingress of water and chemicals. Our innovative drain lining solution saved the client significant cost and disruption compared to the alternative solution.