Plastisol cladding refurbishment


The plastisol cladding was looking tired and had started to corrode in areas.  A refresh and solution to the corrosion where present was required.


Initially all surfaces were thoroughly cleaned by method of high pressure washing to remove contaminants and organic growth. Corroded areas were prepared by sanders to ST2 as per ISO8501:1.

Exposed steel was primed using Corroless EPF – our rust stabilising epoxy primer. This material contains a mined pigment that converts corrosion present to stable iron oxides such as magnetite, thus preventing further corrosion from occurring.

Due to the large amount Caravans stored on site we opted to apply all coatings by method of brush and roller due to the high risk of overspray damage. An aliphatic polyurethane was applied in two coats. The benefit of this system is that the solvent contained within the product allows the material to gain excellent adhesion. Aliphatic polyurethanes also retain their gloss and have excellent colour stability.

The finished result speaks for itself and provided a much needed refresh to the premises.

Protective Coatings 10