Party Wall Waterproofing


As part of Taylor Wimpey’s residential development at Blackhorse Road Walthamstow, a waterproofing solution was required for the party wall that had been created as a result of the demolition works to create new development.


Due to the walls age and in some areas poor condition a flexible waterproofing solution was imperative. Another consideration given the age of the structure was the vapor permeability of the structure given the solid wall construction and occupation the other side of the wall.

We proposed the application of Remmers MB2K as a suitable waterproofing solution as it fulfilled all of the above requirements. Furthermore the grey finish matched the developments colour scheme, meaning that no additional finishes were required.

Removing existing coatings

Initially all existing coatings were removed by method of water entrained abrasive blasting to ensure that the new waterproofing system was adhered excellently and directly to the substrate. Water entrained abrasive blasting was used in order to suppress dust created from the preparation works and the release of free silica.

Once prepared repairs to the structure were made by the client.

Applying the rust stabilising epoxy primer

The steel sections embedded and adjoined to the wall were all primed using Corroless EPF. This rust stabilising epoxy primer can be applied to corroded steel as a result of the mined pigment contained within, that serves to stabilise corrosion present by converting to stable iron oxides such as magnetite. This property was particularly beneficial in this application as the water from the abrasive blasting meant that the exposed steel quickly began to corrode, avoiding the need for costly and dust producing dry blasting.

The exposed brick work was first treated using Remmers Kiesol, followed by the application of Remmers MB2K in three coats as per the manufacturers recommendations. Minor imperfections were filled between coats, prior to a final finishing coat.

The waterproofing system was applied using our own render pump, significantly shortening the application time compared with hand application only.

Party Wall Waterproofing 10